Plaza Las Americas


From the Mexican border to Patagonia and from Europe to Asia, almost every city has some kind of central plaza that serves an important function.

The central plaza is traditionally the heart of cities and the social and commercial meeting place that attracts people from all over and in many cases serves as a tourist destination.

These plazas are usually surrounded by stores, restaurants and a town hall. In their center there is usually a fountain, monument or statue.

Plaza Las Americas has recreated the «Plaza Central» experience, including the ambiance, style, smells and sounds of the typical Latin plaza.


Plaza Las Americas has a wide variety of offerings including authentic latin food, a grocery store, butcher shop, children’s playground, sorry field, media center, cowboy clothing, quinceañera dresses, wedding gowns, professional services such as lawyers, real estate agents, insurance, gifts, an automotive center and much more. While you shop, you can also enjoy live entertainment every weekend in a 100% family-friendly environment.

Plaza Las Americas offers the following services:

  • Children’s recreational area
  • Gaming Arcade
  • Event hall for 2,400 people
  • Weekend entertainment and special events
  • Workshop Area
  • ATM
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